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This Surprising Truth about Masturbation Addiction Will Leave You Speechless. Can You Handle It?

young african engaging in masturbation
an african young male

Embark on a respectful journey as we delve into the world of a deeply personal act - masturbation. Often kept within the confines of our hearts, this behaviour can develop into a behavioural addiction with profound spiritual consequences.

Understanding Masturbation as a Behavioural Addiction Rooted in Spirituality

Masturbation may initiate as a curious exploration, but it can quickly become an addiction. Referred to as a "guilty pleasure," it holds profound spiritual implications. Over time, masturbation establishes an incessant rhythm in our spiritual energies, magnetizing the brain to crave the same pleasure repeatedly.

The Connection Between Sexual Impurities and Spiritual Encounters

Similar to pouring soda into a car's gas tank, sexual impurities can suffocate our spiritual aura. Excessive masturbation, known as sexual impurity, clouds our spiritual vision, making it challenging to perceive the divine through foggy glasses.

The Physical Effects of Masturbation

(i)Masturbation in Men

a man unzipping ready to masturbate
male masturbation

Frequent masturbation can lead to premature ejaculation issues, where the brain associates quick gratification with sexual encounters. This habitual rush diminishes the ability to maintain an erection, causing erectile dysfunction.

(ii) Masturbation in Women

a young beautiful lady undressing to masturbate
a lady undressing

Paradoxically, frequent masturbation can reduce sexual desire in women, akin to consuming one's favourite treat daily – eventually losing the craving. Additionally, constant self-stimulation can increase the risk of genital infections, creating ideal conditions for fungi to thrive.

Unveiling the Spiritual Effects of Masturbation

(i)Amplification of the Spirit of Stagnation Caused by Masturbation Addiction

a depressed man resisting the urge to masturbate

Excessive masturbation induces a spiritual tug-of-war, hindering personal progress and vitality. It instigates a state of stagnation, impeding significant strides in life.

(ii)Inability to Manifest Plans and Efforts due to the Impurity Baggage

The spiritual impurities accumulated through masturbation can hinder the manifestation of one's ambitions and plans. These burdens act like rocks in a backpack, weighing down progress and stunting personal growth.

(iii)Experiences with Spiritual Spouses as a Consequence of Spiritual Impurities

The spiritual baggage carried from excessive masturbation may result in encounters with trickster spirits, manifesting as spiritual spouses. These mischievous entities seek their amusement at one's expense, causing distress and disruption.

Spiritual Solutions for Masturbation Addiction - Manyota Doctors

(i)Manyota Doctors: Spiritual Healers and Herbalists from East Africa

The Manyota Doctors are highly regarded as mavens of spiritual healing and herbal remedies in East Africa. With their extensive knowledge, they specialise in addressing various conditions, including spiritual ailments like masturbation addiction.

Specialized Spiritual Cleansing Rituals Offered by Manyota Doctors

a ritual spiritual cleansing by manyota doctors in session
spiritual cleansing

The Manyota Doctors provide an exclusive spiritual cleansing ritual tailored to combat masturbation addiction. Similar to a detox smoothie for the soul, this ritual purges addiction while rejuvenating the spiritual being.

Destruction of the Spirit of Masturbation Addiction through Herbal Remedies

Utilizing their unique blend of herbal remedies, the Manyota Doctors effectively eradicate the spirit of masturbation addiction, guiding it towards spiritual enlightenment.

Path to Spiritual Freedom and Healing Facilitated by Manyota Doctors

By seeking assistance from the Manyota Doctors, individuals can embark on a transformative journey towards spiritual freedom and healing. Picture yourself breaking free from shackles, with eyes fixed on the sunrise of a fresh start.

In conclusion, understanding the spiritual and physical effects of masturbation allows us to navigate towards healing. The first step towards liberation lies in seeking help from experts like the Manyota Doctors. Do not hesitate to contact them via call or WhatsApp at +254729141125 or visit their comprehensive website at for a range of services in spiritual cleansing and guidance. Remember, freedom is merely a phone call or email away.

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