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This Lady Messed with a Pastor, and Bees Did the Rest!

In the heart of Kisii Town, Kenya, a bizarre and captivating incident has captured the attention of social media users worldwide. A viral TikTok video shows a woman known as Shiko, in the midst of a distressing - yet bewildering - encounter with a swarm of bees. Allegedly, this unusual situation unfolded after she was identified as the mistress of Mr Zablon Mbogo, husband to Jedida Wanja, a prominent female pastor. Consequently, Wanja sought the celebrated Manyota Doctors' assistance to cast a “faithfulness spell” on her husband. The video’s uncanny nature and the intriguing involvement of the Manyota Doctors have fueled an intense online debate about infidelity, traditional healing, and morality in Kenya.

The Viral Incident

On June 2, 2024, a TikTok video went viral, depicting Miss Shiko crying for help as bees seemed to paralyze her movements. This unusual form of “arrest” has left internet users in equal parts entertained and horrified.

The Allegations and the Spell

According to the reports circulating online, Shiko was allegedly involved in an affair with Mr Zablon Mbogo,who is married to Jedida Wanja, a widely respected pastor. In a statement, Wanja admitted she turned to the Manyota Doctors, well-known traditional healers, to cast a “faithfulness spell” on her husband. She believed this spell would deter Mr Mbogo from committing infidelity by invoking a bizarre punishment on those who tempted him.

"This is just cruel. Even if she did wrong, no one deserves this kind of treatment,” commented one TikTok user, reflecting a broader sentiment of empathy and outrage shared by many.

Conversely, some users found humor in the situation, noting the unconventional effectiveness of the spell. One user quipped, “Manyota Doctors coming in clutch with the ultimate deterrent,” accompanied by bee emojis.

The Public’s Reaction

Sympathy vs. Criticism

he public's response to Shiko's plight has been notably divided. While some expressed genuine sympathy for her, regardless of her alleged misdeeds, others viewed the incident through a more critical lens.

Sympathetic Viewpoint:

Many believe that, irrespective of her actions, Shiko should not have faced such an extreme consequence. They highlight concerns about the ethics of using distressing "spells" to enforce fidelity.

Critical Perspective:

On the other hand, a segment of the audience found the incident to be a form of poetic justice, suggesting that it might serve as an effective deterrent against infidelity.

Manyota Doctors: Tradition Meets Controversy

The Manyota Doctors have long been a fixture in Kenyan society, offering a range of services from healing illnesses to casting spells. There experience spans 50 years and that gives them a cutting edge in their niche.

Services Offered

According to their claims, the Manyota Doctors provide remedies for a myriad of problems:

Medical Ailments: They claim to heal ailments such as diabetes, ulcers, sexually transmitted infections, and more.

Life's Challenges: They offer solutions to issues including marital problems, business failures, and professional setbacks.

Protection and Luck: Spells to win court cases, lottery games, and ensure familial and property protection are also part of their repertoire.


Proponents argue that Manyota Doctors preserve a rich cultural heritage and offer solace to those in distress.


The episode of Miss Shiko and the Manyota Doctors has not only captivated a global audience but also sparked crucial conversations about relationships, ethics, and cultural practices. This incident underscores the complex interplay of faith, tradition, and modern societal values in Kenya.

For anyone looking to delve deeper or find solutions to their personal challenges, contact the Manyota Doctors on their official phone number +254729141125. Whether you are grappling with health issues, relationship turmoil, or other life uncertainties, their services promise confidentiality and traditional wisdom.

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