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The Unbelievable Story of a Kitale Man Whose Stomach Swelled After Maize Theft!

manyota doctors spell exposes a maize thief after his stomach got swollen after stealing
maize thief with a swollen stomach

Last week, a middle-aged man from Kitale faced a life-threatening situation when he fell victim to the swelling of his stomach shortly after consuming boiled maize that he had stolen from a vast maize plantation. Trapped in excruciating pain and struggling to breathe, this man's condition caught the attention of concerned family members and locals, who anxiously gathered to understand the cause of his suffering.

While lying on the ground, fighting for his life, the man revealed that his agonizing condition had begun immediately following his consumption of the stolen maize. This revelation led his family and a few locals to rush to the nearby farm owner, Mzee Kiplagat, to inform him of the maize theft incident and seek his assistance in saving the thief's life.

Mzee Kiplagat, who had been overseeing the milking of his cows at the time, initially hesitated to help the thief, having experienced significant losses on his farm due to frequent trespassing and theft. Seeking a solution, he had previously turned to Manyota Doctors for their powerful protection spell to safeguard his property and to offer punishment to potential intruders.

After much persuasion and an understanding of the thief's dire situation, Mzee Kiplagat agreed to assist, but under the condition that he would contact Manyota Doctors to remove the spell and set the thief free. Dr. Manyota explained that a ritual must be performed, with associated costs to be covered by the thief's family. This payment would serve as both a lesson for the thief and compensation for the damage caused.

The family of the thief contributed towards the necessary fees, and the ritual was conducted promptly. Remarkably, within just half an hour, the thief's swollen stomach started to deflate, the excruciating pain subsided, and he regained his strength, ultimately vowing never to engage in theft again.

This incident became a remarkable lesson for the entire area, as incidents of stealing have significantly decreased since that day. Authorities in the region have commended the invaluable work of Manyota Doctors in restoring the respect for people's property.

Manyota Doctors specialize in using their spiritual healing powers, herbal medicine, and spells to protect individuals and their properties, catch thieves, and even aid in the retrieval of lost items. To learn more about their astounding range of services or to schedule a consultation, please call/WhatsApp them on cellphone number+254729141125 or visit their website at

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