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Nurse's Secret Revenge after Marital Betrayal: You won't see this twist coming!

Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship, be it or professional. But what happens when that trust is shattered in the most unimaginable way? My name is Johanna*, and I work as a nurse in a clinic in Kitale. This is a story about how a disturbing incident turned my life upside down and how I sought in the most unexpected manner. Buckle up as I recount the events that unfolded last month, which made me question everything I believed in.

A Routine Day Turns into a Nightmare

The Calm Before the Storm

I have been working at the clinic since 2015 and have always considered it my second home. My wife, Sheila, often visits our clinic for her regular medical checkups. I trusted my senior, Dr. Karauri, implicitly, which is why I had no qualms about leaving my wife in his care when I had to attend to a medical emergency in our Eldoret branch. Little did I know, this routine day was about to turn into a nightmare.

An Unplanned Night in Thika

Upon reaching Eldoret, I discovered that the nurse on duty wasn't available, forcing me to stay overnight. This was out of the ordinary, so I called Sheila to inform her of the situation. She assured me that Dr. Karauri had attended to her and that she was on her way back home. My mind was at ease, or so I thought.

The Unthinkable Unfolds

A Suspicious Night Back Home

I arrived back in Kitale the following night at around 10 PM. As I walked toward my house, I noticed that the lights were still on, which was strange. Even more alarming was the sight of Dr. Karauri's car parked outside my gate. My heart raced, and a sinking feeling took over. I decided to investigate quietly.

The Shocking Discovery

I tiptoed to our bedroom window and peered inside. What I saw and heard was beyond belief. Sheila was crying out in pain and pleasure, "Aki umeweka na vile iko kubwa, nasikia uchungu woye," while Dr. Karauri was beside her, saying, "Tulia tu, sitakuumiza, unasikiaje?"

I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. Overwhelmed with emotions, I burst into the room, shouting, "Wewe Dr. Karauri, hii ndio matibabu unapea bibi yangu!" Dr. Karauri scrambled to put on his clothes and dashed outside. I chased him but knew that a physical confrontation was futile given his muscular build compared to my thin frame. He threatened me by saying, "Kama unataka kazi yako iishe, endelea kuuliza." Defeated and broken, I walked back home, spending the entire night on the sofa, crying until morning.

Seeking Revenge

Consultation with Manyota Doctors

The next morning, I confided in a trusted friend about the incident. He advised me to consult renowned Spiritual Healers, Manyota Doctors, who had helped him and many people in similarly dire situations. Here are their contact details:

Phone number: +254729141125

"When trust is broken, sometimes the only way to move forward is to seek justice."

The Revenge Plan

I checked Manyota Doctors credentials and decided to make a call to them.They listened to my plight and assured me that they'd help. Two weeks later, something incredible happened. Dr. Karauri's private parts became so heavy and big that he was in constant agony.

The Final Confrontation

Desperate, Dr. Karauri called me, begging for forgiveness and offering Ksh 1.5million. Without mercy, I demanded Ksh 3.5million before considering to "untie" him from his suffering. He learned his lesson the hard way, and I threw Sheila out of my life for good.


Trust, once broken, is challenging to rebuild. My story is a harsh reminder that betrayal can come from the most unexpected quarters, and sometimes, drastic measures are necessary for justice. If you ever find yourself in a similar predicament, consult experts like Manyota Doctors to find a resolution.

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