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Human Star Cleansing

spiritual human star cleansing
human star

Manyota Doctors' Human Star Cleansing Service is a profound offering designed to cleanse and harmonize the energies within your aura and energy centers, known as "Human Stars." This service seeks to clear any negative or stagnant energies that may be affecting your overall well-being and success in various aspects of life. To better understand this service, let's break down the key components:

1. Human Stars: Human Stars are an abstract concept in certain spiritual and metaphysical belief systems. They are often seen as energetic points or centers within a person's aura or energy field. These stars are thought to play a significant role in shaping one's experiences, influencing aspects such as luck, love, health, and more. Cleansing and balancing these stars are believed to enhance positive energies and remove obstacles in various life areas.

2. Cleansing and Harmonizing: Human Star Cleansing involves a series of rituals, practices, or ceremonies performed by experienced practitioners. The goal is to cleanse and purify your aura and energy centers, removing any negative or stagnant energies that may be impeding your progress in specific life aspects. This process often includes meditation, energy clearing, and the use of specific tools or rituals tailored to your needs.

3. Specific Areas of Focus: Manyota Doctors offer various types of Human Star Cleansing, each targeting specific aspects of your life. These may include Generational Star Cleansing (addressing ancestral energies), Love Star Cleansing (for matters of the heart), Luck Star Cleansing (enhancing luck and opportunities), Business Star Cleansing (supporting business success), and Health Star Cleansing (promoting physical and mental well-being).

4. Holistic Well-Being: The ultimate aim of Human Star Cleansing is to promote holistic well-being by creating a harmonious energy field and clearing blockages that may be hindering your progress. It is believed that by achieving this balance, you can experience positive shifts in your life, from improved relationships to enhanced luck and overall vitality.It's important to note that Human Star Cleansing is a practice rooted in certain spiritual and metaphysical beliefs, and its effectiveness is often a matter of personal belief and interpretation. As with any spiritual service, it's advisable to approach it with an open mind and conduct thorough research to determine if it aligns with your personal beliefs and goals.


  1. Job/Business stars

  2. Generational Stars

  3. Luck Star

  4. Love/Marriage Stars


joblessness resolved by manyota doctors
a dejected man

This is one of the pivotal stars in a humans life on earth. It’s the one that sets base for the rest

of the stars to roll on. If your Job/Work and your Business Star 🌟 are dimmed or shines behind you instead of shinning ahead of you for one reason or another; because there are myriad of reasons why that could prevail in ones life, without a doubt you’ll leave a life of poverty full of challenges. Your life could now practically be compared to situation where one is trying to start a car whose battery has been removed or rather a car whose battery has drained; the truth is that the car will never start and move. You could be having the fuel in your car tank but still unable to start the car and move.

The example of the FUEL in this case is compared to your Abilities, Focus and Visions. You may have the much needed Abilities, Focus and the right Vision but without the BATTERY(THE SHINNING STARS) to charge and start your Abilities, Focus and Visions for your FORWARD and UPWARD Mobility, you can NEVER and will NEVER move even an inch forward. You’ll just be living either Backward or Stagnated life full of Challenges and Adversities.

You may have the Academic Qualifications but with no job; and if you happen to have job, you’ll experience zero growth in your life because you’ll probably be living a life full of debts. If you’re in business, you may be making money off your businesses but still have zero investments because you can’t manage the money from your businesses, not because you’re a poor manager as many would perceive, but because your Business Stars are not clean or perfectly aligned for the work of your hands to blossom, those who experience these kind of situations have even gotten their Marriage/ union stars compromised a great deal to the extent of many of those marriages/ unions completely falling apart leaving even the children to be the ones to suffer even more owing to such family instabilities emanating from such challenges.


This is a very simple problem to solve and live a deserving life if you happen to be lucky to

find the right, genuine & highly experienced Star Cleanser and Pharmacognosist like Mzee Dr.Manyota whose experience in this area is pretty vast and spanning 45 years.


an old man reflect on past opportunies and manyota doctors opportunities
an elder reflect on life

This is a star that is highly inclined to the pattern and the trajectory of your destiny. It is the kind of Star projects on the past, present and future of a person lineage how how that impacts a person life either positively or negatively given ones generational history.

It may exhibit Bad luck or Good luck. The Good luck may be exhibited from generation to

generation if your forefathers and parents lived a positive life and had Good luck too and if they never had enemies who cursed or bewitched their generation for one reason or another. Conversely, your Generation Star could also exhibit Bad luck owing to a number things namely;

(i) If your Ancestors or your parents engaged in activities that destroyed other people’s lives.

(ii) If Ancestors or parents were seen to be having good Stars that could make them successful in life hence attracted enemies either from family circles or their social circles who then out of jealousy bewitched them and therefore brought bad luck and hardships in their lives. Such bad luck many a times transfers the bad luck and hardships to their Generation.

That could be the reason you’re passing through situations in your life so difficult for you to understand. Never Worry, the solutions to your generational curses and bondages are just a phone call away. Reach out to Mzee Dr Manyota.He is well versed with solutions to all these problems. He will carry out a Ritual that will free you from these generations Alters, Ward them of completely and cleanse your stars and restore the long lost glory & luck.


stumble on your treasure chest when you consult manyota doctors
a treasure chest

This is again a very fundamental star in a person’s life. It is the ultimate determinant of your destiny given that it holds every good thing that comes into your life and future.

If your Luck star is dimmed in any way for whatever reason, you shall realize that all aspects of growth, progress and success in your life are compromised leading to a stagnated life. Once all that are in a state of stagnation, everything in your life becomes gloomy, unbearable and unattainable. This is where people experience the hardest times in their lives and get into depression and their lives get destroyed because it erodes the hope that one may have in life.

If you happen to be in such situation, you can’t be able to get a sustainable job or start a

sustainable business, neither can you be lucky to get sponsorship to study, be in a good marriage or even play and win a lottery to jump start you in life.


Mzee Dr Manyota is ALWAYS available to be at your service. He has a vast experience in

overturning the problems that appertains to this. He will carry out a Ritual in your name that

will CLEANSE,ALIGN AND PROTECT your LUCK STARS and once that Ritual is carried out, your life will experience a renewed episode devoid of such challenges. ALL you shall experience is exceptional LUCK that will bring GROWTH, PROGRESS AND SUCCESS UPON YOUR LIFE.


love star cleansing by manyota doctors
couples in love

This is the most important star of all stars as all other remaining stars are interconnected to it. If your love star has any problem or that of your spouse or lover has any problem, it is even very difficult for relationship/marriage to be peaceful, and if there’s zero peace in the relationship, nothing around your lives can work out. If perhaps you’re experiencing instability in your marriage or relationship/s, you will as well realize that even other aspects of your life are unstable, e.g: finances and many more. This happens because people who are in marriage or relationship must be in sexual intimacy and sex is highly spiritual in nature. Through sexual intercourse you get to merge your spirits hence impacting your stars. So if your stars are conflicting given your respective months of birth(Zodiac)or otherwise if both or either of you has their star tainted by evil doings, it hence hinders your progress holistically hence ending up in captivity.


If any of these happens, it requires steadfast CLEANSING and REALIGNMENT of your STARS by an experienced Reader and Cleanser of human stars like Dr. MZEE Manyota.

Dr. Mzee Manyota is a highly experienced PHARMACOGNOSIST[Herbalist] with vast knowledge spanning 45 years in both African and Arabic Herbal Medicine, their USE in general treatment of different Challenges and Sicknesses.

In such cases of Marriage Instabilities, ones Dr.. Manyota has conducted series of ritual

processes to cleanse your stars, and align and shield them properly from any external attacks

[Witchcraft etc ],your spouse will again be loving, responsible and submissive to the relationship.

In an event where one of the spouse is unfaithful, Dr Manyota will cleanse your marriage/ relationship stars thus conduct a special ritual where the CHEATING Spouse will LOOSE the urge to cheat again and stay FAITHFUL and TRUE to her or his Husband or Wife. NEVER at any moment in his or her life will he or she ever think or accept to go to bed with another man or woman until the end of time.

For those who have looked for a spouse ,either a woman looking for a man or man looking for a woman to marry but has not been able to get one, my honest and profound advise is that you should get your Marriage/Love Stars[Nyota ya Ndoa/Mapenzi] checked as soon as you can. Nearly all of those incidences are by generational trends or through dark spells cast against you by enemies of success and continuity of your lineage.

N/B Cleanse your love star & leave a very happy marriage life.



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