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A Nairobi hustler shares his happiness after winning a betting jackpot, but how did he do it ?

baraza displaying his dummy cheque after winning jackpot thanks to manyota doctors betting ritual
baraza from kawangware displaying his win

A young man by the name Baraza from Kawangware slum in Nairobi was one of the lucky winners of the mid week betting jackpot.Baraza was notified of his win as he was going about his daily hustles in one of the posh residence in the neighboring Lavington Estate where he's employed as a gardener despite having sat for KCSE two years ago but failed to join college owing to lack of money.

This win was a dream come true for Baraza and his struggling family as they could hardly hide their happiness. He hails from a single parenthood. His father passed on when he was in class seven and his mother had to resort to menial jobs to fend for him and his two younger sisters who are both in high school at the moment.

But this win didn't come so easy, Baraza had tried his luck on the jackpot on several occasions to no avail. He says that he could get really frustrated anytime he would loose because he had all his hopes on it to enable him to admit himself in college and also to assist his mother in paying school fee for his siblings.

After those several disappointments, a reality donned on him that it was necessary for him to seek for away to increase his luck in winning.Though he had come across a story of some spiritual healers by the name Manyota Doctors, who helps people through cleansing of their luck star to win bets or succeed in getting jobs,Baraza laments that he did not really believe in those powers.

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Nevertheless,he decided to give it a try and see if something good would come out of them. He visited Manyota Doctors website and took their contact and reached out to them.

He further confirms that he was indeed attended to with utmost humility and professionalism and was given time to explain his problem and how he needed to be helped.

After Dr Manyota listened to baraza carefully, he conducted a spiritual examination of his stars and identified that baraza's stars were dim and not properly aligned, and that it was utterly necessary for a cleansing ritual ceremony to be conducted to correct it so as to shape his luck. Based on his urge to win, Baraza then agreed to subscribe to the cleansing ritual which lasted for three days. Upon completion of the cleansing ceremony, Baraza was then guided on when and how to participate in the jackpot betting exercise and to his surprise, he secured a win and now he's on the verge of changing his life and that of his family.

He now plans to open a stable business for his mother and to also enrol for a higher diploma course in animation and graphic design at a city college.Baraza confirms that his win is one of the many that has been achievable as a result of the exceptional star cleansing ritual undertaken by Manyota Doctors and encourages many other people to subscribe to the same.

"It's never too late to make it in life if you don't loose focus,dedication and above all being a risk taker. He says, encouraging people to always try their luck and go an extra mile in achieving whatever their heart desires.

N/b To contact Manyota Doctors for any assistance, visit their website on to book for a consultation or learn more about their wide range of services.

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